Case Studies

  • Ford Location – Northern New Jersey

    Typhone Consulting Group was hired to improve service center absorption in their Ford location. Through various programs, Typhone Consulting Group was able to improve their service department revenues, and almost double their current absorption rate. “Paul and David were hired to increase department revenue in our service department. After the initial implementation, we saw our revenues increase by 43%, while our absorption rate went from 70% to 112%!” – Service Director

  • Mercedes Location – Delaware

    Typhone Consulting Group was hired to increase sales volume in their Mercedes location. Through various avenues, Typhone Consulting Group worked to increase traffic to their showroom which ultimately led to new car sales. “Paul and David were brought in to increase sales revenue and delivered just that. We were able to increase our sales volume by over 20% in just the first month alone!” – General Manager

  • Honda/Nissan Location – Wisconsin

    Typhone Consulting Group was hired to conduct employee training, for both sales and servicepersonal, in their Honda/Nissan locations. “Paul and David came in and really took charge. They were able to train our entire personal department in only a few short days. On top of this they built a customized BDC which staffed twenty-two members. This rejuvenated our staff and the performance thereafter has been tremendous” – General Manager

  • Nissan/Volkswagen/Kia Location – Florida

    Typhone Consulting Group was hired to increase service department revenue in the Nissan/Volkswagen/Kia locations. After implementing the program, the service department saw an increase of over $93,000 in just the first month. “Paul and David were hired to increase our service center revenue and boy did they deliver. Our second month was even higher!” -Service Director

About Typhone Consulting Group

Typhone Consulting Group is a national consultant firm specializing in the automotive industry. With over 30 years of combined experience, Typhone Consulting Group is focused on the “Long Term Success” of your dealership by improving sales production and profits, service absorption, employee performance, and most importantly, customer satisfaction! Typhone Consulting Group brings together an old school approach with new age technology.

With our services, we guarantee to increase sales, speed up your customers’ trade-in cycle, and at the same time decrease defection rate in both sales and service. Our “Consumer Specific Marketing Campaign” will target the right customer with the right communication at the right time! We guarantee to optimize your ever tightening marketing dollars with target-specific high value customers, maximizing your return on investment.