Fixed Operations

Service advisors are in most cases not only the face of your dealership but also the most profitable. We have trained service advisors and managers in hundreds of dealerships across the United States and our years of experience allow us to say that without a doubt we will substantially improve service absorption all the while increasing your CSI and customer retention.

As a service manager you need to wear many hats. You need to be able to handle difficult customers, book RO’s and manage your technicians, all the while keeping CSI high. In many dealerships the service manager needs to handle all the training of their staff as well. However, with all the duties the service manager needs to perform most vital training is overlooked.

That is where we come in. Our staff comes directly to you and works alongside your service department performing the same tasks that they do. We also conduct on-site training and seminars aimed to turn your service people into service professionals! Typhone Consulting Group gets to know your department inside and out in order to provide the direction needed to bring in bottom line net profits!

About Typhone Consulting Group

Typhone Consulting Group is a national consultant firm specializing in the automotive industry. With over 30 years of combined experience, Typhone Consulting Group is focused on the “Long Term Success” of your dealership by improving sales production and profits, service absorption, employee performance, and most importantly, customer satisfaction! Typhone Consulting Group brings together an old school approach with new age technology.

With our services, we guarantee to increase sales, speed up your customers’ trade-in cycle, and at the same time decrease defection rate in both sales and service. Our “Consumer Specific Marketing Campaign” will target the right customer with the right communication at the right time! We guarantee to optimize your ever tightening marketing dollars with target-specific high value customers, maximizing your return on investment.